Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Something I Have Not Tried And I am Just About To Explode!

I have always wanted to try a Day Spa and just get the works.  I always see them on commercials or movies and have been so extremely jealous of the people in these ads or movies.  A day at the spa seems to be such a stress reliever and being a mom of three girls where all my time,money, and attention revolves around them I would just for once love that attention for myself.  Is that wrong of me? I never have the extra money  is why I have never been to a Spa honestly I do not even know what the prices would be. I vow though someday I will visit a Day Spa and get that little bit of attention I so much need and deserve.

The Divine Miss Mommy is hosting a giveaway on her blog for Trip & Cash Giveaway and one of the steps is to write a blog post about something in your life that you haven’t tried yet. What is it? Why haven’t you tried it? Why would you like to try it? Which explains the above another step is to tell which of the P&G products on her blog I am most interested in and that would definately be the Olay ProX: Professionally designed to smooth skin texture and combat the look of fine lines and wrinkles because god knows I am not getting any younger and I am starting to get those wonderful signs of aging. If you would like to enter this awesome giveaway check out her blog located HERE

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