Saturday, November 19, 2011

The People’s Choice Awards 2012: Two Broke Girls are My Choice!!

Have you ever watched The People's Choice Awards?  I have and I think it is wonderful that 2 of my favorite shows are up for an award.

First is Two Broke Girls for Favorite New TV Comedy. I just love this show I have been watching from the beginning and the character Caroline and Max are so funny they are trying to start up a cupcake business on a waitress salary but are constantly confronted with obstacles. I definitely will be voting for this show because I can not get enough of it and want to keep watching it.  I feel it should get The People's Choice award because the show is hilarious and very entertaining.

Second is The Vampire Diaries of course for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show.  I am so in love with this show all the romance,danger, and drama keeps me so entranced.  I am always so anxious waiting for the next episode and just watching the romance between Stefan, Damon, and Elena unfold  is so suspenseful.  I will also be voting for this show!!  Vampire Diaries should receive The People's Choice award for it spectacular plot and the way it keeps it viewers on the edge of their seats.

If you would love  to vote for these shows or maybe another show that you like is up for nominations head on over Here and vote away!

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