Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blogmania 2010 $700+ at Sarah's Blog Of Fun

Blogmania 2010 $700+ at Sarah's Blog Of Fun

Check out this awesome giveaway worth over $700 dollars at

The items she is giving away are
"1. A Beautiful Leaf handmade Necklace from Odalisca Jewelry ($21)

2. A $53 Gift Certificate to make your own handmade Planner from Much Ado About You.
3. A Beautiful Pocket Bunny Mirror from Dusty Stepper ($4)
4. A $25 Gift Certificate to Scentsy from Autumn Janet
5. A $50 Gift Certificate to Aroma Energie Candles
6. A Beautiful pair of Black and Green Pearl Earrings from Paradise Purls ($14)
7. Nine Bars of Handmade Soap in a Beautiful Gift Basket from Castle Company Soaps ($36)
8. A Beautiful small Nic Nac Shelf from Andrews Reclaimed. ($43)
9. Six Bars of Handmade Creative Scents Soaps from Sheri's Soap Opera ($27)
10. Three Gift Certificates for Gourmet Dog Treats from Shorty's Gourmet Treats. ($15+)
11. Four Beautiful Flower Hair Clips and Pins from AYA Wedding ($55)
12. A Beautiful Handmade Purse from Kreated by Karen ($35)
13. Eight Coupons good for a Variety of Cedar's Mediterranean Foods ($30+)
14. A Pomegranate and Mango Gift Set from Erin Mansfield at Avon, including Body Spray, Lotion, and Shower Gel. Plus a Bonus Bottle of Soft Lotion ($30)
15. Now all the stuff she is donating!! Here we go-
-Scentsy Plug In Warmer ($15)
-Two Scentsy Bricks ($10)
-Two Bath and Body Works Shower Gel ($21)
-One Essence of Beauty Body Cream ($8)
-One Cream Perfume Body Lotion ($7)
-One Body Shop Body Butter ($5)
-One Kathy's Family Body Lotion ($6)
-One Yankee Candle Lip Balm ($5)
-One Spa Naturals Gift Pack ($45)
-Three Glade Soy Candles ($10)
-One Travel Tin Candle ($5)
-One Yankee Candle ($10)
-Two $25 Gift Certs ($50)
-Five Books (Mom's Ultimate Book of Lists, Ash, Living the Vida Lola, Saint Patrick, The Noticer) ($86)"
So what are you waiting for Get on over there and enter!! Good Luck!!

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