Friday, August 27, 2010

My Milano Moment

                                                 My Milano Summer Moment

My Milano Moment  occurred this summer after a hard day of work.  I was helping clean out an apartment for my mother inlaw so she could move into it.  Well this apartment was packed full of the previous tenants stuff and was flea infested needless to say this was the most disgusting environment I have ever been in.  We worked all day to clean this apartment out and tried bombing the place to get rid off the critters.  After this gross day of hard work which by the way did not pay off the building was condemned (Thank Goodness)  I went home jumped into my shower and dreamed of something wonderful, sweet, and delicious I knew right away what it was so after my shower I searched my shelves until I found the Wonderful Bag that would take all my worries away a package of Melt in your mouth Milano Cookies.  I swear these cookies can make a horrible day the best day ever.  I love the taste and trust this brand wholeheartedly.

So why not check out the New Strawberry Milano with a $1 off coupon at their site located here and visit the Milano Facebook Page for more special offers and discounts.

Disclosure: This post is part of a One2One Network campaign with Pepperidge Farm Milano's and will gain me an entry into a contest for a gift card.

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